Recycling Policies & Procedures

Recycling Cart Pickup Procedure

All City of Sanford residents should receive a blue 96 gallon roll-out recycling cart. The City of Sanford owns these carts and Waste Industries a GFL company owns the 96 gallon garbage carts.

The blue recycle carts are picked up on the same day as your garbage cart but every other week. They should be placed at the curb approximately 5 feet apart.

Waste Industries a GFL company has a separate truck that comes out to pick up recycling materials.

Recycling Policies

  • Do not place recycle cart directly beside the trash cart.
  • Please cut cardboard down to 2x3 feet and place in recycle cart.
  • Do not bag recyclables.

Report a Problem

If you do not receive a blue recycling cart, or you need repair or replacement of a cart, please contact the City of Sanford Public Works at 919-775-8247.

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