Report a Street Problem

  1. Damaged or Missing Signs

    Signs play an important role in helping keep drivers safe.

  2. Drainage Issues

    Good water drainage prolongs the useful service life of city maintained streets and it is important to report any problems.

  3. Malfunctioning Traffic or Crosswalk Signals

    If you see a malfunctioning traffic or crosswalk signal, please report it to the City.

  4. Potholes

    The city is responsible for the maintenance of city maintained / owned streets, including potholes.

  5. Sight Distance Problems

    The city removes site distance obstructions, which are objects that substantially block the sufficient vision of drivers such as limbs.

  6. Street Light Outage

    On city maintained streets, the city is coordinating our efforts with the power companies to enhance street lights which are being installed at every intersection and approximately every 150-200 feet on streets.