1. Mayor

    Learn more about the mayor and view the mayor's programs and contact information.

  2. Administration

    Read more about the City Administration including contact information, the City Manager, and more.

  3. Agendas & Minutes

    Access easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for various boards, commissions, and committees.

  4. Boards & Commissions

    Learn more about the City of Sanford's boards and commissions such as the ABC Board, Airport Authority, and more.

  5. Bond Projects

    The four bond projects approved by voters in the September 2013 bond referendum are: Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvement Bonds, Parks and Recreational Bonds, Greenways and Trails Bonds, and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds.

  6. City Council

    The City of Sanford has a council-manager form of government. The Governing Body consists of the Mayor and seven Council members—five from specific wards and two at large. The Mayor is the presiding officer for the Council. Council members are elected for four-year terms.

  7. City Ordinances & Codes

    View and download the Sanford City Ordinances and codes.

  8. Departments

    Get information regarding the departments dedicated to keeping the community moving.

  9. Employee Only

    To access the Employee Only section, you must login with your credentials.

  10. Fire Department

    Learn more about the Sanford Fire Department and the services and programs it provides to city residents.

  11. Golf Course

    The Sanford Municipal Golf Course is a uniquely challenging course originally designed by Donald Ross in 1934.

  12. Police Department

    The Police Department shall enforce all laws and ordinances of the City of Sanford and the State of North Carolina, and shall at all times preserve the peace, protect the property and the safety of the citizens of the City of Sanford.