History of Sanford

  1. City Profile

    Discover information about the City including geographic location, major industries, and Historic Downtown.

  2. Commercial Development

    Quite naturally, early commercial development in Sanford occurred adjacent to the rail lines which were the cause for the town’s existence.

  3. Construction Boom During 1920s

    Many buildings and significant structures were developed during the construction boom that swept the nation during the 1920s.

  4. Early Building Development & Styles

    Development in the Downtown district dates principally from the boom period of about 1895 to 1930. For the most part, the buildings in the district are typical of late nineteenth and early twentieth century designs.

  5. Post-Great Depression Development

    The fact that much of the area was already fully developed combined with the Great Depression to create a decline in the rate of construction in Sanford’s central business district during the l930s, a trend which continues to the present.

  6. Streets Layout

    The streets of Sanford basically follow a grid pattern, with the major arteries corresponding with the many highways that pass through the town and the Downtown district area.