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Beer / Wine Application

  1. Application for licenses to retail malt beverage.

  2. Type of Organization

  3. If Corporation

  4. I do hereby make application to the Sanford City Council for a license to retail malt beverage in conformity to provision of G.S. 18A.

  5. Malt Beverage (Beer)

  6. Years and months

  7. I certify that the business to be authorized by the license applied for shall be carried on by myself or under my immediate supervision. I further certify that I am not less than 21 years of age, that I am of good moral character and have not, within the 3 years next preceding the filing of this application, been convicted of or entered a plea of nolo contendere to a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; I further certify that I have not within the two year next preceding the filing of this application been adjudged guilty of violating the prohibition or liquor laws, either State or Federal. I certify that I have been a bona fide resident of North Carolina for a period of one year immediately preceding the date o filing this application. (Residency requirement not applicable to officers or directors of corporation.)

  8. I certify that I am the actual and bona fide lessee, or owner of the premises for which permit is requested; that the building conforms to all laws of health and fire regulations applicable thereto, and is a safe and property building.

    I certify that I have never been deprived of my citizenship due to a conviction of a felony without having my citizenship restored.

    In consideration of the foregoing provisions and statements by me, which I declare under oath to be true, I respectfully request that license be issued.

  9. Fee must be paid with applicatin. Make check payable to: City of Sanford.

    View the Beer Wine Fees (PDF)

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