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Utility Survey


    Complete and return this survey about Utility Services provided by the City of Sanford to receive a one-time credit of $10 toward your next month’s bill.

  2. Qualifications for receiving one-time credit:

    1. Survey must be completed by account holder.

    2. Each section must be completely filled out.

    3. Must be submitted by AUGUST 30, 2018.

  3. Customer Information

  4. This should be the address where you receive service, which may differ from your mailing address.

  5. Preferred Contact Method*

  6. Utility Services

  7. Please select your preferred method of receiving your monthly bill:*

    Choose one.

  8. The City of Sanford offers the ability to pay your bill by bank draft each month. Would you like to pay by bank draft?*

  9. The City of Sanford now offers Sanford Cares, an assistance program that allows customers to round up their monthly bills to the nearest dollar. The extra cents will be added to an emergency relief fund to help struggling residents pay their water and sewer bills. There’s also an option to make a monthly flat donation.*

    Choose one:

  10. Enter the amount you would like to be charged each month for the Sanford Cares program.

  11. Type your name here to verify this change in your billing.

  12. Alerts & Notifications

    The City of Sanford has a new website ( that allows you to subscribe to receive alerts and notifications by text or email.

  13. Please opt me into the following alerts and notifications:*

  14. How would you like to receive notifications and alerts?*

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  15. For more information, contact the Customer Service Department at 919-775-8215.

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