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Site plan approval via the Technical Review Committee is required for most non-residential and/or multi-family new construction. This includes most new construction, additions, alternations or modifications to existing buildings, as well as a change in use that may occur within an existing building or site. As determined by Planning staff, small construction projects may be exempted from Technical Review Committee review.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) is a multi-agency committee consisting of staff members from Planning, Engineering, Building Inspections, Public Works, and the Fire Department, as well as officials from the local school system and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The TRC group will review plans collectively to ensure projects are in compliance with local regulations and NCDOT requirements. The TRC group typically meets on the last Thursday of every month at 9:00am.

TRC Review Process:

1- Pre-Application Review Prior to submittal, the applicant is encouraged to meet with staff and discuss land use regulations, which may affect the project. This pre-application meeting will also assist in ensuring that the project is properly routed for review and will assist in eliminating avoidable delays.

TRC Contact: Amy McNeill, Design Review Coordinator, (919) 718-4656

2- Plans submitted If project is required to be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC), a filing fee and application is required to submitted with plans to Zoning & Design Review staff. Staff will distribute plans to other TRC agencies and will serve as the primary liaison/contact for the applicant during the TRC review.

3- Technical Review Committee (TRC). As stated earlier, the TRC will meet to review plans (monthly). Applicants are encouraged to attend and participate in the review. After the meeting, comments are summarized and forwarded to the applicant.

4- Revisions and Resubmittal (if required). Most often a project will have some revisions/changes required after a TRC review. As such, revised plans will need to be submitted and reviewed by the appropriate agencies prior to plan approval.

5- Additional documents may be required. In addition to the TRC approval, applicants may be required to submit the following two documents:

· A copy of NCDOT Driveway Permit (required if project fronts on NCDOT roadway and new/upgraded connection is proposed)

· A copy of a Sedimentation and Erosion Control Permit as issued by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) (required only if project disturbs more than one acre)

6- Plans approved. Once all TRC revisions have been made and approved, and any required State documents have been submitted, the project will be approved by Zoning & Design Review staff and released for building permit review and approval.

Additional Notes:

· Grading, soil erosion, and private utility permits, driveway permits, utility extension approvals and encroachment agreements may be necessary prior to building permit issuance.

· It is recommended that the project engineer and/or developer for all proposed projects verify with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) that no approvals are required from their office. The TRC review does not include NCDEQ and all project managers shall need to work independently with NCDEQ for review and approval.

· Once site plan approval is granted, the building and the site are to be developed and used only as per the approved plan. Modifications should be discussed with Zoning & Design Review staff, as they may require an amendment to the approved plan and additional review by other agencies.



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