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The Planning and Community Development Department is a consolidated multi-jurisdictional and interdisciplinary agency serving the City of Sanford, Town of Broadway and Lee County.  It is composed of a highly effective team of planning and technical professionals serving the current and long range needs of its communities.  It is composed of the following divisions and offices:

  • Planning and Development Administration including long range and comprehensive planning services serving Sanford, Broadway and Lee County

  • Current Planning Division working with citizens and development interests in areas such as zoning, development review, and subdivision design serving Sanford, Broadway and Lee County

  • Inspections Services Division providing for building code inspection services for Sanford, Broadway and Lee County

  • Community Development Division provides a wide range of community development, neighborhood revitalization and housing programs for Sanford, Broadway and Lee County

  • Code Enforcement Division serves the minimum housing, zoning enforcement,  and nuisance abatement needs of the City of Sanford

  • Community Enhancement covers a wide range of issues for the City of Sanford including downtown development, historic preservation and appearance issues

  • Strategic Services is an affiliated division of Planning and Development, and a Lee County department.  Strategic Services serves a number of roles including mapping and GIS (geographical information services), demographic and data management support, and real-time planning services including graphic design.

            Marshall Downey, AICP ( Director): (919) 718-4657 x5390

Karen Kennedy, MSA (Community Development Manager):  (919) 718-4657 x5391

Kelly Quinones Miller (Public Information Officer): (919) 777-1133

David Montgomery, AICP (Long Range Planner):  (919) 718-4657 x5392

Barbara McMillen (Code Enforcement Superintendent):  (919) 718-4652 x1405

Chris Riggins (Inspections Administrator):  (919) 718-4654 x5361

Don Kovasckitz (Strategic Services Director) (919) 718-4663 x5445

Holly Marosites (Zoning Department) (919)718-4656 x5396

Planning & Development Organizational Chart

In addition to a wide range of responsibilities the staff of Planning and Development also serves the following boards and commissions.

Technical Review Committee (TRC) Meeting Schedule



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The Unified Development Ordinance can now be browsed online.

Online permits, plan reviews, & inspections are now available for Sanford/Lee County.