The goal of this department is to provide quality service, expand and maintain a water and wastewater system that will be sanitary and adequate through an effective construction and maintenance program.

Water & Sewer Construction

The major function of the wastewater construction and maintenance division is to establish an effective wastewater collection program. The division provides preventative maintenance to all sewer mains within the system.

Specific responsibilities include:
  • Installation of service laterals for industrial and residential use
  • Mowing and maintaining of cross country rights-of-way and various inspections for
  • Performing pinpoint repairs as needed
  • Routine cleaning and flushing of all sewer mains
  • Routine maintenance and repair of sewage pumping stations
  • Structural integrity of the sewer system


Alvan Davis, Distribution/Collection Coordinator

Utility Connections

Sewer Line Cleaning

This past year we cleaned fifty-four percent of our lines. Our staff responded to 210 stoppage complaints, and we rodded and jetted 104 miles of sewer main.

Smoke Testing & TV-ing Lines

Smoke testing is an efficient and inexpensive way to identify problems in lines. The pressurized smoke fills the line and escapes wherever there is an opening.

TV-ing a line involves a closed circuit inspection unit that takes actual video of the lines. This year we videoed and smoke tested approximately 2.25 miles of sewer line.

Easement-Clearing Program

Wastewater lines are located along utility easements. Our staff performs inspections of the lines and mows the easements.

This past fiscal year the staff mowed thirty-three miles of right-of-way, inspected eighty-three miles of priority (aerial) lines, and inspected 101 miles of collection lines.

Fats, Oils, & Grease Program

The City of Sanford's Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Program has been in effect since 2003. The purpose of the program is to prevent the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease in the sanitary sewer system.


Kay Bunnell, Utility Connections Coordinator