Wastewater Programs

Reuse Program

Sanford's reuse program decreases the amount of nutrients and flow discharged into the river.

Treated wastewater in recent years has been used to irrigate the local municipal golf course. The City is also looking into expanding its reclaimed water usage to industries in an effort to curb overall water usage, free up more capacity in the river, and to extend the life of the waste-water plant.

We have asked local industries to examine the feasibility of introducing the use of reclaimed water into their operations.

Pretreatment Program

Industrial discharges are monitored through the City's pretreatment program. This program helps protect the wastewater treatment facility by specifying the maximum amounts of pollutants that may be discharged into the facility.

Staff conducts routine monitoring and inspections of these industries to ensure compliance. We currently have nine industries in the program. The City issues permits to these industries specifying the parameters of concern and flow limitations.