Uniform Patrol & Community Policing

Uniform Patrol Division

Uniform Patrol Officers of the Sanford Police Department are the “First Responders” for every police related complaint called into the police Department, Emergency and non-emergency.

Community Policing Unit

Community Policing is a policing strategy and philosophy that promotes pro-active problem solving and police-community partnerships to address the causes and fear of crime as well as other community issues.

Services Provided

Part of the Uniform Patrol Division, officers of the Community Policing Unit provide the citizens of Sanford various services that help to improve the police/public relations. Officers engage in a collaborative effort with the community to identify problems of crime and disorder and involve all elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems.


The Community Policing Unit offers the community a series of programs such as:
  • Bike safety programs
  • Community Watch
  • National Night Out
  • Operation Child ID
  • Operation Property Identification