Bond Projects

The Bond Projects

The four bond projects approved by voters in the September 2013 bond referendum are:
  • Greenways and Trails Bonds to extend the Endor Iron Furnace Greenway (up to $4 million)
  • Parks and Recreational Bonds to offer more and improve upon existing recreational facilities (up to $2 million)
  • Sidewalk Improvement Bonds to maintain, repair, and add sidewalks to make the City more pedestrian accessible and safe (up to $2 million)
  • Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvement Bonds to strengthen and bring continuity to shopping areas in downtown Sanford and Jonesboro (up to $6.5 million)

More Information

Want a City official or Council member to discuss the 2013 Bond Referendum at your next meeting or event? Call Kelly Quinones Miller at 919-777-1133 or email.

Phase 1 - Summer 2015

  • Sidewalk Improvement Bonds
  • Street & Pedestrian Improvement Bonds

Phase 2 - Coming in 2016-2017

  • Greenway & Trails Bonds
  • Parks & Recreational Bonds
Sanford Matters Bond Project