Greenways & Trails Bonds

These bonds were intended to be used to extend the Endor Iron Furnace Trail to create an urban trail within Sanford's city limits. Voters were asked to approve up to $4 million in bonds for greenway use.

What Makes Up the $4 Million of the Greenways & Trails Bonds

  • Providing lighting, landscaping, signals and markers, and other necessary accompaniments;
  • Surfacing and paving greenways and trails; and/or
  • Acquiring land and rights-of-way to construct greenways and trails.

Potential Projects the Greenways & Trails Bonds Might Include

  • Improving and expanding the existing greenway facility, located at Carbonton Road;
  • Extending the greenway down Wicker Street and up Carthage Street to meet back at Central Carolina Hospital;
  • Extending the greenway from Wicker and Carthage streets through Historic Downtown, past old City Hall to Little Buffalo Creek through Depot Park to the Sanford Municipal Center; 
  • Extending paved greenway trail from Wicker Street to Central Carolina Hospital for the “Medical Mile”; and/or
  • Traffic signal replacement, pedestrian traffic signals, and landscaping.
Proposed Green Way Map
Endor Iron Furnace Trail Greenway, Central Carolina Hospital portion of Medical Mile