Installing Hydrant Meters for Contractors

Under no circumstances is anyone other than City employees to operate fire hydrants.

Options for contractors:

1st Option:

Pay for a residential/commercial tap or meter set and place a deposit at the Billing & Collections Department to have water available.

2nd Option:

Purchase water from our supplier, Fire Station #2, at 2220 Woodland Avenue.

3rd Option:

Obtain a hydrant meter by calling or visiting the Billing & Collections Department. Contractors must fill out a hydrant meter form, submit a copy of his or her driver's license, and pay all applicable fees before hydrant meter is installed. The Public Works Department will, at our convenience, install a hydrant meter on a fire hydrant.

4th Option:

Contractors who are local/in town and are in good standing with the City and has water service with the City of Sanford may sign a meter deposit waiver. Contractors must submit a letter, for approval, to the City of Sanford to eliminate the meter deposit fees for a hydrant meter.

However, they are still held accountable for payment of rental and setup/relocation fees. The letter must be on the company's letterhead and state that they will be solely responsible for the City's hydrant meter and will pay for lost, stolen, or damaged hydrant meters while under their care.

  1. Billing & Collections Department will notify Public Works Department when fees have been paid and billing information obtained.
  2. Public Works Department will need 48 hours' notice before installing a hydrant meter; they will be installed Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm. Hydrant and Valve Crew will install hydrant meter on hydrant and lock meter to the hydrant. Hydrant and Valve Crew will be responsible for attaching hydrant meter to the hydrant and only Hydrant and Valve Crew may remove the meter from the hydrant. The crew will notify Billing & Collections Department with all relevant information on hydrant meter installation.
  3. The contractor is to notify Billing & Collections Department when hydrant meter is to be installed, relocated, and removed. There will be a setup/relocation fee for the initial hydrant meter installation and each additional relocation of the meter.
  4. The contractor will be responsible for paying the water bill when finished with the hydrant meter. Water usage, as well as any applicable rental or setup/relocation fees, will be deducted from deposit fees. Deposit will be forfeited if we do not retrieve meter.

Hydrant Meter Application

Hydrant Meter Size & Costs

Size Deposit
Daily Rental
Setup/Relocation Fee
3/4" Hydrant Meter
$200.00 $1.00 per day
1" Hydrant Meter
$400.00 $1.00 per day
2 1/2" Hydrant Meter
$1500.00 $2.00 per day