Hawkins Ave Water Main Extension Project

The City of Sanford is extending a 16" water main from Weatherspoon Street to Deep River Road to accommodate growth at the Lee County Industrial Park, Central Carolina Enterprise Park, and Triassic Park, as well as to supply water to Chatham County.

The 16 inch water main has been installed from Weatherspoon to US-1. We are currently testing a portion of that section. Once it completes testing, it will be put in service. Restoration of that section is ongoing as crews work around the weather.

Crews are working on the section along Hawkins from US 1 to Deep River Road and Along Deep River Road near Womack. Anticipated completion is now December of this year. It has been delayed due to conflicts with existing underground utilities.

Project started date: May 2019
Anticipated end date: December 2020



Each month, Sanford Contractors will provide the City of Sanford a schedule for the upcoming month. 


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