Equity Taskforce Initiative

Regular Meetings

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The Sanford City Council has approved the formation of an “Equity Taskforce Initiative” to collaboratively examine and work to dismantle disparities in the lives of Sanford residents by bringing an equity lens to improve outcomes for all populations. 

The Taskforce will identify community needs through research, open forums, community meetings, surveys, and collaboration with various municipal departments, groups, and individuals working in service areas critical to the health and well-being of Sanford residents.

The Taskforce shall be comprised of nine members representing different sectors of the community and three at-large members.  Nine members will be selected from the following sectors and must live or work in the Sanford city limits: education, workforce development, criminal justice, health care, employment/wages and income, social service, faith-based community, non-profit organization, economic development, housing, real estate, and banking.   Three members shall be appointed at-large and also must live in the Sanford city limits.   

All applicants who apply agree to serve a term of six to twelve months.


To apply for the Equity Taskforce Initiative, download and submit this form. Alternately, you may apply online here.