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Sanford Cares Contribution Form

  1. Sanford Cares Contribution Form

    Please sign me up as a donor! I understand that the amount of my donation will go to Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action for families in need.

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    Please select one of the following options for making a donation:

  3. Please enter the amount you would like to be billed each month. If you did not select "flat amount," please enter 0.

  4. Please enter the contribution amount you would like to donate. If you did not select "one-time donation," enter 0.

  5. Please enter your full name in this field to signify you understand that you are making a contribution to the Sanford Cares program.

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    A customer service representative will be in touch with you once your submission is processed. For questions, please call Customer Service at 919-775-8215.

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