Locate a Manufactured Home

Required Information

You must be able to provide the following information:
  • The exact proposed location of the home. A survey map may be required if the lot has been subdivided.
  • The names of the licensed manufactured home set-up contractor.
  • The size, year, and model of the home.
  • If you are relocating a used manufactured home, either within Lee County or from another North Carolina county, you are required by state law to obtain a manufactured home tax moving permit from the tax office of the county the home was previously located in.
Note: A homeowner may set-up his own home, however, in order to do his own wiring the owner will have to pass a test administered by the Inspections Department proving that he has adequate knowledge of the necessary electrical codes.

Whom to Contact to Locate a Manufactured Home in Lee County

The requirements for locating a manufactured home in Lee County depend upon where you want to locate the home. The City of Sanford regulates the location of manufactured homes within the city limits and in an area which extends approximately one mile past the city limits. Similarly, the Town of Broadway regulates the location of manufactured homes within the town limits and in an area which extends approximately one half mile past the town limits. (Contact the City of Sanford Inspections and Planning Department if your property is within these areas.) Lee County regulates the location of manufactured homes in the remaining portion of the County. Contact the Planning Department if your property is within Lee County's jurisdiction.

Determining Location Approval

When determining if a manufactured home will be allowed to be placed on a specific lot, the Planning Department will check for the following information:
  • Zoning
  • Type of manufactured home
  • The size and dimensions of the lot
  • Floodplain
  • The existing use of the lot
  • Watershed

Next Steps (Set-up Permit)

After confirming with the Planning Department that you will be allowed to locate a manufactured home on your lot, you should do the following:
  1. Pay for the application fee with the Lee County Inspections Department for the Environmental Health. The Environmental Health Department will need to do a soil evaluation for the suitability of locating a well and septic tank. The Heath Department must re-evaluate the lot if an existing septic tank or a perk test for a new system on a new lot. The Health Department may require more land area than the minimum area the Planning Department indicated was necessary. An evaluation of the lot by the Health Department is not required if the lot is served by both public water and sewer.
  2. It is the owner of the manufactured home's responsibility to obtain the permit. Therefore, after you have your approval from the Health Department, bring your well and septic permit from their offices to the Inspections Department to obtain your set-up permit.
The Inspections Department will not issue a set-up permit without the Health and Planning Departments approval.


After set-up, there are 2 inspections required:
  • Pre-Inspection: Everything under the home must be approved before under skirting. Inside electrical must also be checked.
  • Final Inspection: After under skirting is in place and approved steps are in place.
Note: All manufactured housing cited in Lee County must be under skirted with weather resistant material or under pinned with masonry foundation before power can be turned on.