About the Historic Preservation Commission


Formed in 1997, the Sanford Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) serves the public both as a steward for historic properties and as a facilitator to people fortunate enough to own such properties. It provides assistance to owners and tenants, helps them plan the alterations that they are considering for their properties, and guides owners through the application process necessary to implement those changes.


The HPC consists of seven members appointed by City Council for overlapping three-year terms. Included within its powers and responsibilities are the following: recommending to City Council the designation of historic landmarks and districts, granting requests for proposed changes to historic landmarks and properties situated within historic district, and conducting educational programs with respect to historic properties.

The HPC is given its authority by City Council under the Unified Development Ordinance in Article 2, Section 2.6 (PDF). The City Council gives the HPC the ability to grant requests for proposed changes within locally designated historic districts and local historic landmarks under the Unified Development Ordinance in Article 4, Section 4.12 (PDF).