Construction Drawing Review Documents

In an effort to respond to all requests in a timely fashion, ALL Submittals – without exception – must be sent to our office via email at

All requests/submittals are logged in and processed in order of receipt.  It is the responsibility of the engineer/developer to ensure a submittal is complete; however if a submittal is found to be incomplete the applicant will be advised to resubmit and the resubmittal will be reassigned in order of receipt. 

A complete submittall shall include the following:

  1. A letter of TRC Approval
  2. Construction Drawing prepared in accordance with the CD & TRC Review Checklist
  3. Comment by comment response document
  4. Stormwater Impact Analysis
  5. Downstream Sewer Analysis
  6. All applicable state, federal, & local permit applications/approvals

Construction Drawings (CDs) shall not be submitted for review until TRC approval has been received

Procedure for submittal: 

  • Include the name of project in subject line
  • Provide a completed copy of the corresponding check list
  • Provide a completed copy of the project information form (Upload size for EACH item to be uploaded is a maximum of 9.5MB)
  • Provide a detailed response letter for resubmittals addressing previous comments
  • Provide all applicable studies, reports, analyses, etc.
  • Provide an electronic copy of plans, either as attachment or with a file link to download