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Parade, Picket, Demonstrate or Special Events Permit Application

  1. Application is hereby made for a permit to Parade, Picket, Demonstrate or Special Event as provided for in an ordinance regulating same adopted by the Board of Council members of the City of Sanford, NC, and other applicable sections of law. Violation of any State Law or Sanford City Ordinance will result in the immediate revocation of any approved permit.
  2. The purpose of the application is:*
  3. Will minors under the age of 18 years participate in the activity?*
  4. Upon completion, this application will be submitted to Major Jamie Thomas of the Sanford Police Department.
    Should you need to return the form in person or by email, use the following:

    Sanford Police Department
    225 E. Weatherspoon Street
    Sanford NC 27330
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