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Billing & Collections

  1. Contact Information Update Request

    The City of Sanford encourages all customers to notify the Customer Service Department of any changes in the contact information for... More…

  1. Peddler / Itinerant Merchant License Application

    City of Sanford Application for Peddler / Itinerant Merchant License. A registration fee of $100 must accompany each application.

City Council

  1. La Iniciativa de Equidad en Sanford: Formulario de Comentario Público

    El gobierno municipal de Sanford creó una iniciativa de equidad en octubre 2020. El objetivo de la iniciativa es desmantelar la... More…

  1. Sanford Equity Task Force Public Feedback Form

    The City of Sanford created an Equity Initiative in October 2020. The purpose of the Equity initiative is to dismantle inequality in... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Report a Suspected Code Violation

    Please fill out this Code Enforcement report form describing any suspected violations. The information will be submitted to the City of... More…


  1. Proclamation Request Form

    Official proclamations and letters of recognition from Sanford Mayor Rebecca Wyhof Salmon are issued to honor a person or an event that... More…

Planning and Development

  1. Feedback: Working Draft of UDO Amendments for New Residential Development

    The Sanford/Lee County Planning Department seeks public input regarding the Working Draft of UDO Amendments for New Residential... More…

  1. Historic Preservation District - Complaint Investigation Report

    Submit a form to report a complaint for a violation within the Historic Preservation District.


  1. Parade, Picket, Demonstrate or Special Events Permit Application

    Application is hereby made for a permit to Parade, Picket, Demonstrate or Special Event as provided for in an ordinance regulating... More…