Neighborhood Parks


The City of Sanford hopes that the neighborhood parks will encourage community members to interact with their neighbors as their children engage in outdoor activity; improving Sanford's overall sense of community.

The City of Sanford's Neighborhood Parks

  • Carr Creek Park, 2645 Mt. Pisgah Church Road
  • Maple Avenue Park, 305 S. Fourth Street
  • Sunset Park, 533 Sunset Drive
  • Third Street Park, 228 North Avenue (opened in 2008 during National Night Out)
  • Walter McNeil Jr Park, 917 Martin Street (opened in 2008 during National Night Out)

Park Maintenance

The City's Buildings and Grounds department will keep these parks in good, clean condition by regularly trimming the greenery and lawn, as well as removing all litter from the grounds and emptying the trash receptacles.

The department is also responsible for each park's playground equipment. Staff members inspect the equipment every day for wear and tear and to ensure that the parks maintain a satisfactory safety mulch barrier. When the barrier begins the thin, the department bulks it up with fresh safety mulch.