Public Works

Our department's mission is to provide essential and quality-of-life services to the citizens of Sanford in the most courteous, convenient and cost-effective manner.

Department Overview

The Public Works Department at the City of Sanford consists of six divisions and 132 employees. The department is led by Vic Czar, Public Works Director and includes the following divisions:

DivisionResponsible for:
Engineeringengineering design and plan review of extensions of the City's water, sewer and street system
Distribution and Collectionmaintenance and expansion of the City’s water (distribution) and wastewater (collection) system
Facilities and Beautificationtrash/recycling collection and beautification of City facilities
Parksparks owned or maintained by the City
Transportationmaintenance of the City’s streets and all City vehicles/equipment
Utility Maintenancemaintenance and repair of equipment involved in water and wastewater systems
Waste Filtration Facilityproviding safe, high-quality drinking water for all water customers of the City of Sanford
Water Reclamation Facilitytreating wastewater for all wastewater customers of the City of Sanford

Public Works Service Center

The Public Works Service Center is the hub of the department. Center staff are able to quickly answer questions and resolve concerns specific to trash and recycling, street closures and potholes, water and wastewater, parks, compost, and more. 

The Public Works Service Center is available by phone at 919-775-8247 from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. For water or wastewater emergencies after 5 p.m., call 919-775-8268.