Event Street Closure Procedures

1. 60 days prior to an event, the following must be submitted:

A. Letter to the Parks Department requesting the street closure with all details including: Date, Time, Place, Contact Information, and Purpose/Intent. A map should also be attached. The requester must have talked with all property owners affected by street closure and this should be stated in the letter of request. See example.
B. A Certificate of Liability must accompany the letter of request before approval can be given. This cannot be a request or application for insurance. It must contain the following information:

a. Certificate must include the following information, see example:

i. Name of insured
 ii. Event Location/date
 iii. City of Sanford names as “additional insured”
 iv. Correct City address (225 E. Weatherspoon St.)
 v. Signature of authorized representative
vi. Additional page showing how to collect (attached)

b. City representative will forward a copy to Risk Management for approval

C. Application for Permit for Special Events can be picked up from the front desk at the Sanford Police Department, or obtained here. It must be filled out completely and returned to the police department for approval.

2. If a state-maintained street is part of the request, the requester must fill out the NCDOT Special Event Request form and return it to the Parks Department. A City representative will then contact NCDOT for their approval.
3. If the event will include any streets to be closed in downtown Sanford, the requester must contact Kelli Laudate with Downtown Sanford, Inc., for approval at 919-718-4659 ext. 1400.

 a. Written approval from Kelli Laudate must be submitted with documents.

4. ALL street closures must be presented to Sanford City Council for approval. Temporary Resolutions (including a map) will be put together and submitted by the Parks Department.
5. After all departments and Sanford City Council have made their approvals, “Inventory Loan Agreements” must be filled out at the Street Division office by a responsible person of the requesting party. Barricades, cones, and other necessary traffic devices must then be made available for the street closure.

Please complete this form and upload supporting documents in this link