Mobile Food Vendors

If you are interested in setting up as a mobile food vendor in Sanford Parks, please complete the Mobile Food Vendor Application here. Only two vendors are allowed per day, per park. Check availability by visiting the mobile food vendor calendar here.

Mobile Food Vendors Guidelines:

Policy Goals

  1. To encourage entrepreneurship in the City of Sanford as well as encourage vibrancy in local parks.
  2. To promote the public health, safety, morals, convenience, comfort, amenities, prosperity and general welfare of persons within the City of Sanford.


  1. Pushcart- a wheeled cart which may be moved by one person without the assistance of a motor and which is designed and used for displaying, keeping or storing any food, beverages or other articles for sale by a vendor. The Pushcart shall not be motorized or propelled in any manner other than the walking motion of the person operating the Pushcart, with the exception that persons with disabilities may use a motorized system to propel the pushcart. No motorized assistance shall be used to locate the Pushcart on the sidewalk or public place, with the exception that persons with disabilities may use motorized assistance.
  2. Motorized Mobile Food Unit (“Mobile Food Unit”)- a vehicle-mounted, vehicle towed or vehicle-carried, food service establishment, including ice cream trucks, designed to be readily moved.
  3. Mobile Food Vendor (“Vendor”) - a person (or persons) who prepares or serves pre-packaged or cooked food and/or beverages for sale to the public on a recurring basis from a Mobile Food Unit or a Pushcart.
  4. Mobile Catering Vendor – a person (or persons) who prepares or serves prepackaged or cooked food and/or beverages for sale to clients and not for sale to the public.

Rules Generally

  1. All Vendors are required to complete a permit application for Lee County Environmental Health Department: here.
  2. Permitted vendors operating a Mobile Food Unit, Pushcart, Mobile Food Vendor, Mobile Catering Vendor are only allowed at the listed locations below owned and operated by the City of Sanford Parks:
    1. Depot Park: 106 Charlotte Avenue, Sanford, NC 27330
    2. Kiwanis Family Park: 1800 Wicker Street, Sanford, NC 27330
    3. MLK Memorial Park: 645 South Horner Blvd, Sanford, NC 27330
    4. Carr Creek Park: 2644 Mount Pisgah Church Rd, Sanford, NC 27332
    5. McNeill Park: 917 Martin Street, Sanford, NC 27330
    6. Third Street Park: 228 N. Avenue, Sanford, NC 27331
    7. Maple Street Park: 308 Maple Avenue, Sanford, NC 27330

            Violators are subject to legal enforcement measures, including but not limited to, immediate removal.

  1. Designated setup locations will be determined by the park staff onsite.  Only 2 vendors are allowed at a park at one time.  Allocation of park location will be determined on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Vendors may operate 30 minutes from after a park opens and must be removed 30 minutes prior to a park closing.  The Parks operate from dawn to dusk daily. 
  3. No identification signs for the Vendor or menu boards for the food products are permitted around the food vending area. Vendors are not permitted to permanently attach anything to park property.
  4. The Vendor must provide trash receptacles at the Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart and is responsible for keeping the general area free from all trash and debris associated with the Mobile Food Unit and Pushcart. The Vendor shall clean the general area at least daily and shall keep all sidewalks and paved areas free and clear of grease, spills and food debris. The Vendor is responsible for removing all trash and waste associated with the Mobile Food Unit and Pushcart on a daily basis. The Vendor will keep the area subject to this permit and the area about the subject area in neat, clean and sanitary condition at all times. A violation of this provision will subject the Vendor to penalties, including but not limited to, a temporary suspension of the operating permit up to permanent revocation of the operating permit.
  5. A permitted Vendor may provide catering services to a client but that Vendor must also vend to the public at the same time.
  6. Alcohol may not be sold or served by any Vendor, Mobile Food Unit, or Pushcart.
  7. No Vendor shall store, park, or leave any Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart overnight. 
  8. No Vendor shall vend within Fifteen (15) feet of any fire hydrant or fire escape.
  9. Vendors shall comply with proper disposal procedures as directed by health and safety regulations for grease, gray water, and other like materials. 
  10. The Vendor shall not place or use sound equipment on or in the area of the Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart.
  11. Mobile Food Unit and Pushcart permits are only valid at the locations stated in this agreement, not for any other City of Sanford locations.  Separate permits must be obtained for other locations than the ones stated in this agreement. 
  12. Vendor, Vendor’s employees, and Vendor’s volunteers shall, at their own expense, provide the City of Sanford documentation of successful completion of a criminal background and national sex offender registry check. The background check must include all states where the individual has resided within the past ten (10) years. In addition, the individual must provide two copies of a full-face photograph taken within 30 days of the application submission date.
  13. Vendor or Vendor’s designee shall be in attendance of the Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart at all times. 
  14. Vendor, Vendor’s employees, and Vendor’s volunteers shall not consume nor be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances while operating the Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart. A violation of this provision will result in immediate revocation of the Vendor’s operating permit.
  15. Vendor will bear all costs associated with the establishment and operation of their Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart, including, but not limited to, the provision of water and electrical power. Vendor will not access, use or attempt to use on-site electrical and water utilities while operating a Mobile Food Unit or Pushcart in a city park.
  16. Vendor shall hold harmless, protect, and indemnify the City of Sanford against any and all claims, damages or cause of action for damages arising after the commencement of this permit and any orders, decrees or judgments which may be entered therein, brought for damages or alleged damages resulting from any injury to person or property or from loss of life sustained in or about the area subject to this permit.
  17. The City of Sanford shall not be liable for any personal injuries or damage to the applicant or its officers, agents, employees, guests, patrons and all persons having business with the applicant, or to any other persons or to any occupant of any part of the area subject to this permit for any injury or damage to any goods, wares, merchandise or property of any occupant in or about any part of the subject area, irrespective of how the same may be caused.
  18. The City of Sanford is not responsible for any damage to the Vendor’s personal property, including but not limited to the Mobile Food Unit, Pushcart, vehicle, food service equipment and other personal items.
    1. In the event of any damage or event making the subject area unusable, in whole or in part, to the Vendor, the City of Sanford shall have no duty to restore or repair any part of the area. 
  19. Vendor shall provide and maintain, at his or her own cost and expense, public liability insurance naming the City of Sanford as an additional insured in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 personal liability and $1,000,000 property liability. Proof of such insurance shall be attached to the application.
    1. Vendor should maintain his or her own personal property and vehicle insurance if the vehicle is subject to being insured.
  20. In the event the Vendor shall default in the performance of any condition of this permit, this permit may be terminated upon three (3) days written notice to the Vendor. In the event the permit is terminated, the Vendor shall be barred from making another application for a period of one year.
  21. Vendor further agrees to comply with all the laws of the United States, State of North Carolina, all ordinances of Lee County Health Environment Health Department, and all lawful orders of any Commission, Board or other Authority respecting the use of the subject property, including but not limited to any North Carolina Public Health Department that has permitted the Vendor. All public health, environmental health, sanitation, and safety regulations imposed by State law and County Code must be adhered to. A Vendor who is exempt from any Public Health Department regulations in any county in North Carolina must provide written documentation of the exemption at the time of the permit application.
  22. Vendor shall display all required permits, including an approved copy of this application, in a visible location at the Vendor’s Pushcart or Mobile Food Unit at all times. If at any time, a North Carolina County Public Health Department revokes or suspends the issued permit, the City of Sanford’s permit shall be revoked or suspended simultaneously.
  23. The application will be valid for one calendar year upon approval.  A new application will be required each year upon expiration.  If there is an ownership change, a new application will be required.
  24. Daily reservations must be made through the City of Sanford website.  Reservations must be made by Wednesday at 5pm for the following week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. No more than two Mobile Food Trucks are permitted per day at each park location. The reservation is valid for the entire day, even if the vendor is planning for less than a full day.
    1. Each vendor is allowed 2 reservations per month.