Join the Fire Department

Sanford Firefighters are not just responsible for putting out fires. Job duties may include:
  • Respond to fire alarms; lay and connect hose lines; hold nozzles and direct water streams; climb ladders; use fire extinguishers, hooks, bars, lines, and other equipment
  • Ventilate burning buildings by opening windows and skylights or by cutting holes in roofs or floors
  • Provide medical assistance to fire victims; serve as first responders to emergency situations until medical unit arrives
  • Perform salvage operations such as applying salvage covers, sweeping water, and removing debris
  • Participate in fire drills and training classes in apparatus operation, firefighting, and emergency medical response; study assigned materials related to firefighting and fire prevention
  • Inspect building and premises for familiarization; check for fire hazards; participate in maintenance and inspection of fire hydrants
  • Perform general maintenance and cleaning work for the upkeep of department apparatus, equipment, and buildings
  • Respond to assignments given by superior officers at the emergency scene and at the station

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Firefighter Carrying a Training Dummy