Benefits Summary

The City offers an excellent comprehensive benefit package. Following is a brief summary of our existing benefits program:

Group Health & Hospitalization Coverage

The City provides group health and hospitalization insurance for regular full-time employees. Employees may purchase dependent coverage through the City's group health plan.

Life Insurance

The City provides a life insurance policy to all regular full-time employees of two times annual salary (rounded to next highest thousand) with a maximum benefit of up to $200,000. The benefit is reduced at age 70.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

The City provides an accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy to all regular full-time employees of two times annual salary (rounded to next highest thousand) with a maximum benefit of up to $200,000. The benefit is reduced at age 70.

Dependent Life Insurance

The City provides a life insurance policy to the dependent(s) of all regular full-time employees of $2,000 for spouse and eligible dependent children.

Short-Term Disability

The City provides a short-term disability plan to all regular full-time employees. The plan applies to injuries and illness which occur outside the workplace. Employees receive a benefit amount of 60% of their weekly salary, up to a maximum benefit of $700 per week. Benefits begin after a 7 day waiting period and may last up to 26 weeks upon medical certification.


Each regular employee who is expected to work for the City more than 1,000 hours annually will join the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees' Retirement System (NCLGERS) as a condition of employment starting the first day of employment. A 6% contribution is deducted from pay for the retirement plan and the City contributes an actuarially determined amount. An employee becomes vested in the retirement plan after 5 years of contributing service.


The City contributes 5% toward a 401(k) supplemental retirement plan for all regular employees contributing to the NCLGERS. Employees are immediately vested in the 401(k) plan. Employees may elect to make voluntary contributions to this plan up to the annual dollar limit.

Vacation Leave

Paid vacation is granted to all regular full-time employees. Vacation hours are earned on a biweekly basis. The hours granted per year for full-time employees are as follows:

Years of Services
Hour Accrued Per Year: Regular Employees
Hours Accrued Per Year: Firefighters
Less than 5 years
120 170.40
5 through 9 years
144 204.48
10 through 14 years
15 through 19 years
20 plus years

Sick Leave

Regular full-time employees are granted 96 paid sick leave hours per year and full-time firefighters are granted 136.32 hours per year. Sick leave hours are earned on a biweekly basis.


Regular full-time employees will be granted 13 paid holidays depending on the year and date on which the holiday falls.


The City offers longevity pay to recognize and reward the total years of service as a regular full-time employee. Longevity pay is a lump sum payment given once a year. Payments are made in the following amounts/rates:

Years of Service
Longevity Amount/Rate
5 through 9 years
2% of annual salary
10 through 14 years
3% of annual salary
15 through 19 years
4% of annual salary
20 through 24 years
5% of annual salary
25 years and over
6% of annual salary

Employee Assistance Program

The City of Sanford provides employees and family members with confidential counseling to help resolve problems that may impact their work or personal lives. This confidential counseling service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost to employees or family members for up to 5 sessions per situation per year.

Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition assistance is available to those regular full-time employees who have completed the initial probationary period and wish to further their education and training. Employees may receive financial assistance up to $2,500 per fiscal year for courses relating to their present job or to a future position with the City of Sanford.  $2500 can include registration, fees, tuition and books upon successful course completion.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Regular full-time employees are offered the option of participating in flexible spending accounts which provides a way to save federal, state, and social security taxes on eligible health and dependent care expenses. Employees fund the account through payroll deductions and are reimbursed for qualified expenses through the use of a debit card or submission of a claim form.

Credit Union

Employees have the option of joining the North Carolina Local Government Employees' Credit Union. In order to retain membership in the Credit Union, employees must have a minimum of $25 on deposit in a share (savings) account or $100 in a checking account.

Parental School Leave

The City provides 4 hours of parental school leave per calendar year (for grade school children). Hours may be used to attend school functions, eat lunch with child, attend parent/teacher conferences, etc. Leave may be paid or unpaid, if the employee chooses to use any accumulated personal or vacation time.

Family & Medical Leave

The City provides up to 12 weeks paid/unpaid job-protected leave per year to eligible employees for certain family and medical reasons and certain military family reasons; and up to 26 weeks of military family leave for "military caregiver leave".

Military Leave

Available to employees who are in the uniformed services for leave due to active duty, active duty for training, inactive duty training (such as drills), funeral honors duty performed by National Guard and reserve members, as well as the period for which a person is absent from a position of employment for the purpose of an examination to determine fitness to perform any such duty. Leave may be paid or unpaid, if the employee chooses to use any accumulated vacation time.

Civil Leave

The City provides paid leave for jury duty. The City pays the difference between court stipend and regular day's wages.

Personal Leave

The City provides regular full-time employees 14 hours of paid personal leave per calendar year (7 hours if hired July 1st or later). Hours may be used in a maximum of 3-hour blocks depending on department mission needs.

Social Security

The City and the employee each contribute 7.65% of gross salary.

Workers' Compensation

All City employees are covered by the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act. This act covers those employees who suffer injuries as a result of an accident while performing work related duties. Responsibility for claiming compensation under the Workers' Compensation Act is on the injured employee.