Sanford Cares

The Sanford Cares Community Assistance & Relief Emergency Support program provides temporary assistance for residents in Lee County by allowing water customers to round up their monthly bills to the nearest dollar. 

The contributions will be added to an emergency relief fund to help struggling residents pay their water and sewer bills.

The Sanford Cares fund is administered by Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action, a private non-profit agency that helps families with housing, crisis intervention, utility bill assistance and more. 

Contribution Options

Customers who choose to participate in the Sanford Cares assistance program have three options for making a contribution:

  1. Round your bill up to the nearest dollar amount. Your donation will begin during the billing cycle following receipt of your form.

  2. Choose a flat amount to be added to each month’s bill. This can be any amount of your choosing. It will also go into effect with the billing cycle following receipt of your submission.

  3. Make a one-time contribution of any amount. You do not have to commit to a recurring donation. Simply submit a check with “Sanford Cares” in the memo line to our Customer Service Department.
For more information about each option, contact Customer Service at or call 919-775-8215.

How to Contribute

Customers who choose to participate in the Sanford Cares assistance program have two options for starting their contributions: 

How to Apply for Help

Lee County residents who have fallen behind on their water or sewer bills can apply for Sanford Cares assistance by contacting Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action. The agency will evaluate the need as an independent third party.

The main office is located at 225 S. Steele Street in Sanford and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contact options: Call 919-776-0746 or visit

How to Cancel

Each time a customer disconnects or transfers service, any contributions will automatically stop. 
Customers must make a new request to start contributions each time they restart service. 

To cancel a contribution at any time, contact Customer Service at 919-775-8215 or by email at