Otocast Art Tour


Residents and visitors can explore Sanford’s thriving art scene right from their smartphones, thanks to the Otocast app and a grant from the Visit Sanford Tourism Development Authority.

Otocast is an GPS-activated audio guide to local art that features artist commentary, videos, and photographs. Each of Sanford’s murals, sculptures, and other public art objects are included.  

This interactive experience will grow as the public art program grows, making it seamless for users as more pieces are added.

Download the App

The app is available for free download for Apple and Android devices.

Get Started

If you allow Otocast to access your location, Sanford will be the first tour option in your default list. If you choose not to allow the app to access your location, enter "Sanford NC" in the search field. The City of Sanford's art tour will be at the top of the list of results.

You'll notice that cities all over the country have added to the Otocast app. Open it while on vacation or traveling to find engaging tours and showcases in other cities!